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About us

Who's Behind Inube?
Inube has been started with the BETA version on November 12th 2006. The founder and head developer is Emre KURNAZ who is the President and CEO of Yeacon Software Ltd..

Technical Informations
Inube project has been programmed with PHP and C programming languages. We also used Perl and Python in some properties on the background of system. We are using gcc to compile C codes and mod_perl to run Perl codes.

We design the graphical interface of Inube on FreeBSD operating system with some design tools. The most important one of the design tools we use is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

The Yeacon servers - being used by Inube - are based on some open source software. We are using FreeBSD operating system on the servers. Our web servers are based on Apache, and database servers are based on MySQL softwares. We choose Intel and Asus for the hardware of servers. The critical servers - as web and database servers - are located in Mersin/Turkey and some e-mail and image storage servers are located in the USA.